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懶瞓豬講故事-EP51 和我一樣的人

故事簡介:驢驢是一隻驢,牠每天都想找一個和他一樣的人,牠找了很久,都找不到這個人,到底他躲到哪裏去了? 播出時間:2021-04-18 主題:認識自己、自我 ​翻譯:Miss Positiff (IG: @positiff.eng) ​聲音演出:阿粒、月巴


(Based on original story Is There Anyone Like Me? (English), written by Fred Strydom, illustrated by Jess Jardim-Wedepohl, published by African Storybook Initiative (© African Storybook Initiative, 2015) under a CC BY 4.0 license on StoryWeaver. Read, create and translate stories for free on

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